Welcome to Eutopia

A new meaning of Utopia.

“An imagined place or state of things in which everything is perfect.”
Eutopia have taken aspects of the original definition and redefined them to create an improved state of wellbeing.
The aim is to help individuals achieve a state of physical and mental balance, whilst also helping to improve the quality of health.
Eutopia has a extensive background in complimentary therapy, utilising over 16 years of experience and skills, enabling us to provide you a professional service.
On the forefront of the latest research, it has been shown that stress forces staff to take sickness leave, meaning many days lost and an increase in costs for sick pay, sickness cover, overtime and recruitment. This research can be found here.
When it comes to corporate treatments, our aim is to advocate a stress free environment, in which the productivity of the work place is greatly improved.

Core values

Stress Relief

Our aim is to help alleviate the symptoms of stress and promote relaxation and a state of wellbeing.



Our aim is to encourage and promote relaxation. Easing tension and help refresh the mind and body.



Our aim is to help assist specific health conditions and encourage the  condition of the mind and body.



Our aim is to promote wellbeing  and encourage the return of balance back to the mind and body.